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I've been involved in local and international referral marketing for 26 years since November 1990.


There have been many times in my career that I've wanted to "share" a message or a product but was not able to do to conflict of interest.


Well, times have changed. 


I've known Delef, Monica and Katarina (Kat) Stuebe since about 1993 when I was working in Germany. They were always an honest, solid, authentic family with a heart for helping others.


Well, we've been back in touch and I have decided to partner up with them in helping them spread their heartfelt message for wellness education.


Monica and Kat have had massive challenges in their health and have managed to restore their bodies and minds to be powerful contributors in the area of health and wellness.


I'm very clear, wellness is a journey and I'm passionate to share the message that Monica and Kat have to share with the world.


So, if my "little" contribution to the world is to connect this wonderful family to the world and help them engage with more people, I've done well.


Thanks for your time and I encourage you to set up your own membership by clicking on this link.

Marci Nish Stedman

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